Edinburgh Festival

Monday, January 03, 2005

Edinburgh Hogmanay Festivities

This years Edinburgh New Year festivities were a great success, with the fireworks enjoyed by many and the concert attracting two top bands, Blondie and the Scissor Sisters.

The weather seemed to "relax" for the night after a particularly stormy week. At midnight the seven hills fireworks stunned all who watched.

The title above links to the official Edinburgh Hogmanay site for further information.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Love Scenes a new novel set in Edinburgh

Set in Edinburgh, Love Scenes the new book by Ralph Storer is described as a novel on woman's inhumanity to man.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Edinburgh to be World City of Literature

Edinburgh had been named as the first "World City of Literature" by UNESCO.

Edinburgh World City of Literature

A number of factors helped Edinburgh win this prestigous accolade including the Edinburgh Book Festival

Edinburgh has a unique literary history and the largest monument to an author ever built. The Scott Monument on Princes street built to commemorate the life of Sir Walter Scott.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Edinburgh festival ends for another year.

Another Edinburgh festival is over, some street performers are still here and some shows continue. Mostly, though its all over. The street are still busy with tourists and the finale is tonight.

The Edinburgh festival fireworks display with 250 000 people expected to attend. Edinburgh Castle has a strange appearance as you look up with wrapped fireworks sticking above every piece of wall in preparation for tonight.

The Ross bandstand is being prepared for the fireworks concert.

As the Edinburgh Festival ends, the planning of the Edinburgh new year celebrations begin.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Edinburgh Festival well under way.

The big top is on the meadows, the streets are full of tourists and "show promotors" handing out their leaflets, usually in costume. World war one soldiers, strange creatures form the Jabberwocky and a Nepalese or maybe Tibetan band seem to be everywhere I go.

Unfortunately for the people who have come to Edinburgh for the festival it has rained most of this week.

Down at the Ross bandstand I watched some interesting acts, the Jimi Macrae band, rock n roll bagpipes! and a Zulu troupe doing traditional song and dance.

Have I been to any of the festival shows yet - no, I'm from Edinburgh!

Monday, August 02, 2004

Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

The Edinburgh Jazz and blues festival has begun. Yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful sunny day and we wandered down to Princess Street Gardens and the Ross bandstand. There were a series of concerts playing from the Jazz festival - samplers of what is on. With the sun shining and Edinburgh Castle as a backdrop it was amazing and very crowded. Virtually every spot of grass near the band stand was taken. We watched a couple of "big bands" play traditional Jazz and Blues before wandering up to Starbucks on Princess Street (one of the the sponsors for festival).

The Cathy Ray trio were playing and we could get seats and a coffee! Martin Kershaw was on saxophone with Cathy singing, accompanied by a guitarist we do not know.

These events are free (apart from the coffee) and as mentioned are meant to be samplers of the Edinburgh Jazz festival.

Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival - www.jazzmusic.co.uk - 30th July - 8th August

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Edinburgh Festival warming up

Despite the rain the atmosphere in Edinburgh is moving towards that festival buzz. Saxophone mixes with bagpipes as you walk down the Royal Mile. Characature artists, tarot readers and jewellery sellers are appearing. The first mime artist of the season has been seen.

There have been a series of concerts at Edinburgh Castle, Tom Jones, Cliff Richard, Donny Osmond and Westlife prior to the Tattoo.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Yes - there is a film festival too. Not quite Cannes but apparently among the directors and so on seen as very prestigous. Tickets and information for the Edinburgh Film Festival can be found at www.edfilmfest.org.uk